With several years of hands-on experience in property management and real estate investments, he is involved in every aspect of the business. Part of his daily regiment includes researching for the latest opportunities on the market to ensure that his clients are aware of all the best options available out there, prospecting to find buyers and sellers to fill the needs of his customers and staying afloat of all the real estate news and developments that can affect the portfolio of assets under his supervision.

To all his exclusive buyers, he is constantly on the lookout for properties that fit your specific requirements and relentlessly at work to ensure you find your ideal property.

To all his exclusive sellers, he is promoting your property on all forums available and he ensures visibility is maximized in order to conclude the sale in as quickly as possible.

To all his exclusive investors, he keeps you informed on all opportunities available and manages your investments as he would his own.

His network of professional references make for a seamless transaction as he and his team promote peace of mind, transparency and results.

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